green is winning

(Written on International Olympic Day, 2014)

First there was  #greenIsWorking

In 2012 in London leaders like Deborah Meaden demonstrated outside the Treasury, with a simple enough message:-
That going green boosts the real economy.

Image FoE Stop Climate Chaos coalition

But now… #greenIsWinning

(First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you… win  – Gandhi)

It was never going to take forever.  Common sense was always going to surface.  Eventually.

Yesterday, on International Olympic Day, Olympian Sarah Winckless ‘nailed’ a simple but absolutely vital overlooked message – in front of a VIP House (of Lords) – packed full to overflowing – with winnng environmental leaders – and would-be environmental leaders.  Perhaps June 23 2014 marks the day that we all start to (green) win – together.

Olympic values are respect, excellence and friendship.
Sarah conveyed how respect boils down to responsibility: responsibility for yourself, responsibility for others, and responsibility for our actions. See Sarah’s address here:

Who cares wins?  Sarah saw a room full of talent, good intention, and enthusiasm; but challenged us to look at how (and whether) we are working together – at how much (more) we can help each other – so we can all be at our collective best. Being part of something bigger than ourselves – the CREW on Spaceship Earth.  Eco-Collaboration – Big Green Team GB – Big Team Green

Never before has so much (everything) hinged on whether we can learn to get along, work together, paddle in time, and work as a unit, as one big green team.  Sarah, the Chef de Mission for GB Youth Olympics, and Olympic rower, effectively reminded us:-  we have to pull together!

Then not only will we win for ourselves, but for all members of Team Spaceship Earth, including those yet to be born.

Leadership is over glorified
Leadership is over glorified (ICYMI) – says Derek Sivers in his famous TED talk –  on how it takes courage and followership
To start a Movement – and I, for one, agree with Derek.

Let the race to be greenest begin.