“Amazing. Contagious. Mysterious. Outrageous.” – said Nick Gardner


“It always seems impossible until it is done?” – Nelson Mandela

Can you make miracles happen?
I can’t… but we can?

At time of writing there are just 23 days left, to get a (seriously unfeasible looking) c900,000 more EU citizen signatures, and so initiate the vital process of making Ecocide Law.

But… we all have loads of compassionate and concerned friends… don’t we?

I have no idea how this miracle will happen, but, surely, it must?

To date, French have secured twice as many votes as the British? Sacrebleu.

Time to boot up the “Infinite Improbability Drive” from Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy?


Many friends have been campaigning hard, for a year, and are tired. They press on.
But some of your friends out there can now make the (vive la) difference.

This J1P song and video, below, an attempt to spark votes, may yet be helpful.
It was my main early contribution:-

“Amazing. Contagious. Mysterious. Outrageous.” – said Nick Gardner