The future’s bright, the future’s green

A few of us in local Green Party submitted this letter – to national and local newspapers.  They chose not to print it.

Enter, stage left – (knights on horseback, with bright green “amour”) – the world wide web and social media – to save the day?

Photo by The Butcher Baker under a Creative Commons license




We’re pretty sure many readers will be quietly wishing for an altogether brighter, greener, cleaner tomorrow, and for real change from the ‘win-lose’ politics of business as usual.  The upcoming elections for our regional Members of European Parliament (MEPs) offer us a rare opportunity to write history.  Held under proportional representation, every vote will count.


Suppose, for example, you wished to vote as follows:-  yes to a referendum on Europe, yes to major EU reform, yes to staying in a reformed Europe, yes to saving the NHS, yes to renewable energy, yes to real action on the environment, and yes to scrapping HS2.  If that’s you – then your one vote for the Green Party is like seven big yeses – a yes for real change from the “same old” politics of the past.

What’s to lose?  Ink May 22nd in your diaries today.

And as Jonathon Porritt wisely once advised: “the future will be green, or not atall”


Jem Bailey, Amanda Craig, Dave Hampton and Paul Mansell

Chiltern Green Party