(So chuffed the lovely folks at 10:10 flagged this recent post of mine yesterday, so here it is again, as a wee blog.)

Never mind sins of past emissions; never mind how you are going to get through the working week, without a sniff of the black stuff.

The question we can all ask ourselves right now is whether there is any single gram of CO2 that we can politely, peacefully and purposefully turn down, in this moment.  One happy gram at a time.


Credit: SweetOnVeg/Creative Commons

Each weeny gram of CO2 averted today, is a teeny random act of kindness, one that no-one will ever notice, but which will build (aggregation of marginal gains, Olympic cyclists Dave Brailsford style) into a cathedral, of a millions of tons, built by us all, altogether, for our grandchildren’s safety.

Nobody need wait another second, to start to Come Off It

Each unit of leccy saved (15p) = 500gm
Each 15p of gas saved = 1000gms
Each 0.1 litre of petrol (15p) saved = 250gm

Hope that helps you bake a happy low carbon carbon cake
Right here, right now.

Oh, and for completeness, every hour *not spent* in the air saves another wee 200,000 grams.
Yes, that’s per passenger.

Yes wee can?

(After all, we don’t want to be pissing in our own pool* now do we?
*The atmosphere, the ocean of air we live and breathe within.)