Sexism, Racism, and …  Environmentalism ? 

Wanted, Fully Alive: Environmentalists…
7 billion of them

Photo Credit- Pim Stouten (Creative Commons BY NC)

Do you know a company that hires “token environmentalists”?

Do you often sense environmental tokenism?

Do you feel oppressed by environmentalists?

Or are you an oppressed environmentalist?


It doesn’t have to be this way!
Everyone is an environmentalist at heart.

“Wisdom enables us to comprehend our interconnectedness and see that it is not really a battle between good guys and bad guys at all, but rather that the line between good and evil runs through the landscape of every human heart.” – Joanna Macy

Are you an Ethic minority?

Have you ever felt – as a ‘green’ – that you are in a ethic minority*?
That no one understands you, welcomes you, celebrates you?   (*An ethical minority, rather than an ethnic one?)

Have your beliefs about others, e.g. about politicians, corporations, banks and ‘baddies’ ever lead you to a place of (perfectly logical, justified and righteous) separation; from other?  Into a lonely place of being ‘right’ – but all alone?
Does ‘green crap’ get in the way of your happiness?

Or does green make you smile?  🙂

I used to enjoy speaking of “Keeping Up with the Greens’es”
Of greener lifestyles being an aspirational thing.  “Pull” not “push”.  Free will, not dogma.

After all, the only person in the world who’s environmental impacts are (any of) “my business” is… me.
Likewise your impacts are entirely your business.

To impose my eco beliefs on others, even my wife and kids, could easily be an act of mild bullying, or even violence.  The only person in the world who I am entitled to change is, me.  And I can change me.  You can’t.  Even if you can see the carbon ‘plank’ in my eye!

I’m proud to be an environmentalist.

Proud to be green, environmental, Green, a greenie, a passionate green, a deep green, dark green, bright green, light green, pale green, noveaux green, an environmentalist, and a professional environmentalist, a tree hugger, an amateur, an activist, a hippy, campaigner, a diplomat, an eco-warrior… and a Chartered Environmentalist. (C Env)

I see no division; all these are One.  There’s no need to judge each other.  Or judge our self (ie!)

All shades of green are welcome here.  Inclusivity. 

All of the aforementioned graded grains of greens are my friends.   Now that’s environmentally FRIEND-ly.

There is no place for jealousy on this one beautiful green Earth.

I’m an Environmentalist through and through – and proud of it.  But here’s the exciting bit:  So are you!

I’m not judging you, see.   Everyone is an environmentalist.  Come as you are. Welcome to the party – of at least 40 shades of green.

You are almost certainly as green as you can possibly be, at this point in time, and at this point in your journey, and you may well be much greener than me.  Or much less green.  But I bet you care.  I know you do.  Everyone does; underneath that superficial makeover.  We can make up.

I just love the fact that you and I are fellow Environmentalists (now).
We are re-connected.  We never were that different.  Group Hug.

Shades of green Creative Commons Image credit to Gabriela Ruellan

Grown up green

For decades I used to repeat the mantra that it paid to be green; that green saves money; green makes money, and that we can ‘do well by doing good’.  But until I/you truly internalise that belief, green stays just a hobby.   But when we truly believe that we and the world can thrive and prosper, from peaceful, proper, professional greening of the established order, then we can make a living.  Not from bringing the system crashing down, but from rapidly re-engineering it from within. Then we become environmental professionals.  Billions of them!

On my tomb stone one day, rather than Spike Milligan’s “See, I told you I was ill” I would like “Here lies (the carbon ashes of) Dave Hampton – an Environmentalist.”

I’m aware that psychologically speaking I am “projecting” all good things onto the E-word: Environment.  And what’s wrong with that?  In an ideal world we can all project all good things onto “Environment” “Nature” – and onto all beings. Our true Nature.  One.

My spiritual belief system is that plants, beings, soil, water and air are sacred.

“I believe in God it’s just that I spell it  N a t u r e”  – Frank Lloyd Wright.


Creative commons Image Credit- spunfunkster under CC-BY-NC-SA

If what we see ‘out there’ in the world is bad people, doing bad things, in a bad system, then guess what?  We won’t be welcomed in to ‘change’ anything.  If, on the other side of our heart, we see compassionate people doing the best they can, in difficult circumstances, it becomes so much easier, to effect deep, lasting change.  Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle you know nothing about.  Be kind.

Be kinda green?

Big Hearted Friendly Environmentalists.
7 billion of them.

(((((((green hug)))))))