It’s ok.
That headline is a quote.
I don’t hold that opinion myself.
Although arguably it’s perfectly valid, about one specific extreme weather event.

Have you noticed how many politicians and lobbyists are trotting this out?  …and how many otherwise reasonable members of the human family seem to repeat their words, without a second thought, almost like zombies?

I wonder whether the same people would think that not one but SEVENTY TWO specific extreme weather events – listed below – all over the world – in just the last 6 months – might be evidence?  Of something?


Here below is Eric Alexander’s Weather Watch File 2013 – hope we’re all feeling lucky.

(And for more information on the source of this data – please read this earlier post –

Eric Alexander’s Weather Watch File 2013

Heavy rainfall, with extensive flooding, reported from Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Argentina,  Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, China, Cuba, Czech Republic, Fiji, France, Germany, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Korea, Laos, Libya, Macedonia, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mali, Mauretania, Mexico, Nepal, New Zealand, Niger, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, Solomon Islands, Somalia, South Africa, Spain, St Vincent, Sudan, Switzerland, Taiwan, Uganda, UK, Ukraine, Uruguay, USA, Vietnam, Yemen   –    Tally 72     (c.f. 47 in first six months of 2013)

Super-highlights June-August 2013

“Danube at all-time high”                                                                                           6 June

63,000 missing in unprecedented floods, north India                                        19 June

First-ever flooding reported by Calgary resident, Canada                                    22 June

“Canada’s worst wildfire” hits Quebec province                                                      15 July

Floods in Puerto Rico after unprecedented rainfall                                                 2 Aug

Temperature in Shanghai hits new maximum                                                           7 Aug

First ever red drought warning in China’s Hubei province                                    18 Aug

“Worst ever” floods reported in Manila                                                                      21 Aug

“Worst flooding in decades” in NE China –                                                                28 Aug

Over 50 dead, thousands flee their homes

“48,000 people made homeless” by floods in Niger                                                 29 Aug

“Thousands flee their homes” in flooded Mali capital                                              30 Aug

Highlights September-November 2013

36.5C “hottest start to spring” in Alice Springs, Australia                                     1 Sep

“Warmest winter on record” in New Zealand                                                            3 Sep

Colorado’s “worst ever” floods destroy 1500 homes.  11,000 evacuees. 8 deaths  16 Sep

Mexico’s “worst weather crisis since 1958” strands 40,000 tourists                     18 Sep

30,000 driven from their homes by floods in Brazil                                                  24 Sep

Typhoon Fitow destroys 1,700 homes in eastern China                                            7 Oct

In NE India, Cyclone Phailin leaves a million homeless, crops ruined                 13 Oct

State of Emergency as 60 bushfires rage in New South Wales, Australia             20 Oct

70,000 forced from their homes by flooding in eastern India                                 27 Oct

Severe storm in southern England disrupts transport, power supplies                 28 Oct

“Supertyphoon“ Haiyan brings flooding & 200mph winds to Philippines        8 Nov

600,000 evacuate homes in Vietnam as Haiyan approaches                               10 Nov

Floods from torrential thunderstorms in Uruguay                                                 11 Nov

State of emergency in Somalian province after extensive flooding                      15 Nov

65 “unseasonal” tornadoes devastate 5 US states from Kentucky to Michigan   18 Nov

Bad flooding in central Vietnam, dozens killed                                                       18  Nov

“Apocalyptic” damage from cyclone in Sardinia                                                     19 Nov

Several days of torrential rain cause deaths in Saudi Arabia & Iraq                   21 Nov

In Australia, south-west experiences heaviest rainfall yet recorded                   29 Nov

while north suffers from a week of flooding by Tropical Cyclone Alessia         29 Nov

100,000 suffering deprivation in Somalia after recent tropical cyclone            30 Nov

December daily reports

Buildings collapse after torrential rain in Havana                    1 Dec

Flooding in Sumatra and Libya                                                      2 Dec

Sydney reports warmest spring on record                                     2 Dec

Bad flooding in south and central Italy                                          3 Dec

Wind damage causes two deaths in Argentina                             4 Dec

Extreme cold & snowfall in parts of USA and Canada                5 Dec

Severe storm damage over most of Scotland                                 5 Dec

and some coastal regions elsewhere in UK                                  5 Dec

56,000 evacuated after three days of torrential rain in Malaysia  6 Dec

Water level hits record high at Thames Barrier                               6 Dec

Dangerous levels of air pollution in parts of China                          8 Dec

Severe winter weather hits eastern Europe while continuing in USA 9 Dec

Torrential rain prompts evacuation of homes in Lajedinho, Eastern Brazil  11 Dec

Health warnings issued as heatwave develops in Perth, Australia   11 Dec

Flooding and landslides from torrential rain in Rio de Janeiro    12 Dec

“Worst snowstorm in decades” in Syria, Lebanon, Turkey            12 Dec

Flooding in Tenerife, Canary Islands                                                13 Dec

Jerusalem experiences heaviest snowfall since 1950s                  14 Dec

First snow in Cairo for 112 years                                                        14 Dec

40,000 evacuated from homes as floods hit Gaza                        15 Dec

More heavy snowfall in eastern USA                                               15 Dec

Rare snowfall causes disruption in northern Vietnam                16 Dec

Flash floods in China’s Hainan province affect 150,000             17 Dec

Landslides triggered by torrential rain in eastern Brazil claim six lives  18 Dec

43C in Adelaide, hottest for over 80 years                                        19 Dec

Thousands of homes without power from wind damage in UK   19 Dec

A dozen homes destroyed by late wildfires in California               19 Dec

Bad fog in northern India and Pakistan                                            20 Dec

Tropical cyclone Amara brings torrential rain to Mauritius       21 Dec

Heatwave in Buenos Aires leads to cuts in electricity supply     21 Dec

Temperature in western Sydney exceeds 40C                               22 Dec

Tornadoes, torrential rain & heavy snow in eastern USA           22 Dec

Ice from winter storm deprives a million homes of power in NE USA & Canada  23 Dec

300,000 without power, 1,000 homes flooded in southern England     25  Dec

Thousands of homes lose power in northern France                             26 Dec

Flooding and landslides in St Vincent, Caribbean                                  26  Dec

Army deployed to help victims of “worst flooding in 90 years”, SE Brazil  27 Dec

State of emergency after 2 weeks flooding in areas of Tabasco state, Mexico  28 Dec

Many Toronto homes still without power six days after storm struck    29 Dec

Flooding in Belgium, Germany, north Madagascar                                 30 Dec

Thousands of homes lose power from tropical cyclone, NW Australia   31 Dec

18,000 evacuated after torrential rain in Sumatra, two rivers burst banks  31 Dec

Heavy snow causes disruption in Mexico                                                       31 Dec

December Summary

Floods & storms                                                 19

Heatwave, drought & wildfires                             6

Snow & ice                                                           6

Number of countries affected                             27